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Biography, Education and Professional Experience of Lily Nell Warren, owner of the Willow Art Gallery in Willow, NY

At age 3 Lily attended the United Nations Pre-school. Each day she came home singing the names of all the countries! At age 5 she studied tap dancing, singing, and personality. At age 7 she enrolled in the American School of Ballet. That year she was picked to be Clara, the princess in the Nutcracker. She was in 40 performances at New York's Lincoln Center over the next two years. If you do a Google search using her full name (enclosed in quotes), "Lily Nell Warren" you will see some of the reviews of her performances. She completed her BA and Master's Degrees in Interdisciplinary Studies and Creative Writing and spent some time in commercial work, including directing three off-Broadway plays.

Lily Warren grew up in the Murray Hill section of Manhattan, but her family has kept a summer home in the Woodstock area for over seventy years. She has an extensive background in the arts. As a child, she performed at Carnegie Hall, Avery Fischer Hall, Catskill and Florida resorts. She studied at NYC’s Turtle Bay music school, the Mannes School of Music and the School of American Ballet. Lily played “Clara” in the NewYork City Ballet’s “Nutcracker” for over 40 performances in 1982 and 1983. She performed with the Metropolitan Opera Children’s Chorus and at Connecticut’s Goodspeed Opera House in A Broadway Baby. She stared in Jeeter Mason and the Magic Headset in 1985. Her favorite early credits would include her many appearances on Saturday Night Live.


The Arts Upstairs Gallery, Phoenicia, NY 2005 *
Inspired! Gallery and Bookstore, Kingston, NY 2006
Willow Art Gallery, Woodstock, NY 2007
The Woodstock Therapy Center, Woodstock, NY 2007 *
The Acapulco Grill, Kingston, NY 2007 *
Bruno’s, in the Roundout, Kingston, NY 2007 *
The Arts Society of Kingston (ASK), Kingston, NY 2007 *
The Gallery at Artemis, Kingston, NY 2007 *

The Colony Arts Center, Woodstock, NY 2007 *
Woodstock’s Walk-In Doctor’s Office, Woodstock, NY 2007 *
Back Stage Studio Productions Gallery, Kingston, NY 2007
Kleinert/James Art Center, 34 Tinker Street, Woodstock, NY 2007 & 2008 *
Willow ArtGallery, 99 Tinker Street, Woodstock, NY 2007 &2008 *
Woodstock Artist's Association & Museum (WAAM), NY 2007 & 2008 *
Woodstock Mothership Gallery, Hillcrest Ave., Woodstock, NY 2008 *

Asterisk (*) exhibitions are group shows. Others are solo exhibitions.
You can view the gallery online at www.willowartgallery.net and/or www.willowwnds.com.
Lily comes from a family active in the creative arts. Click here to see more

Ballet: 'The Nutcracker is Back'

--- Copied from the New York Times Archival page from a byline by JACK ANDERSON, published December 5, 1982.

" ... The New York City Ballet opened its monthlong run of ''The Nutcracker'' Thursday night in the New York State Theater ... Once again, the Stahlbaums held their Christmas Eve party, little Marie (Clara) received a magic nutcracker as a present, potbellied mice invaded the house, the Christmas tree just grew and grew, snowflakes turned into pretty dancers and, after many adventures, there was yet another party, this one with the Sugar Plum Fairy as the hostess ...

It was all so blessedly familiar. In fact, that very familiarity helps make ''Nutcracker'' endearing. The charm of George Balanchine's choreography and Tchaikovsky's music help a lot, too. It's comforting to live, if only for two hours or so in December, in a world of loving families and good friends in which magic lies everywhere and imagination can triumph. Thus the best that one can say about any revival of ''The Nutcracker'' is that it's just the same as it has always been.

Of course, in live theater no two performances are ever exactly the same. At this particular performance, Lily Nell Warren (Marie/Clara) gazed out upon the world with wonderment as Marie. Jonathan Pessolano, as her mischievous brother, looked like an angel and behaved like an imp. However, Max Blechman was gallantry itself as Drosselmeier's nephew, and he made his long mime scene in Act II exciting and touching ... "   --- Jack Anderson

City Ballet: 'Nutcracker'

--- Copied from the New York Times Archival page from a byline by JACK ANDERSON, published December 3, 1983

"Visions of fairy-tale enchantment returned to the New York State Theater on Thursday night when the New York City Ballet presented what was this season's first performance of ''The Nutcracker'' and the company's 994th performance of the Tchaikovsky classic since 1954.

Conducted by Robert Irving, it was a nicely shaped and occasionally even eloquent performance in which the friendly warmth of holiday parties gave way to magic spells and George Balanchine's choreography demonstrated that beautiful dancing is one of the greatest of all forms of magic ...

As he has done for many a season in the role, Shaun O'Brien managed to be kindly, yet mysterious, as Drosselmeier, and in the process he demonstrated that he knows how to time every gesture for maximum effect. In children's roles, Max Blechman had perfect manners as Drosselmeier's Nephew, the tiny Anthony Pollner was a mischievous mite as Fritz and Lily Nell Warren was all wide-eyed wonderment as Marie (Clara). She also behaved like a seasoned trouper, for when the handkerchief placed as a bandage around the broken Nutcracker came loose, she unobtrusively tightened it without making a fuss and the show went on ... "   --- Jack Anderson

Actually, Drosselmeier dropped the Nutcracker splitting it's head off! Lily Nell quickly picked them both up and tied them together with a handkerchief!
Lily's aim was not so good when she took off her slipper and threw it at the mouse king - she missed and hit the conductor! --- Donald J. Warren

      Lily       and       the       Prince

                  Lily       and       the       Prince

Sleigh scene - Nutcracker

Jerome Robbins as Drosselmeier with the Prince and Princess

Lily, ballet bar

Lily at about age 8

2 of Lily, age5 or 6

Lily about age 6

Lily Nell Warren, at Kronick Kelly Ltd. Talent Agentcy
Hair: Strawberry
Eyes: Grey/Green

The Cunning Little Vixen, Metropolitian Opera
A Broadwar Baby, Director: Tommie Walsh, Goodspeed Opera House, CT
Ace Of Diamonds (Little Calamity Jane), Producer: 60s Pop Sensation Melanie
The Nutcracker Suite (Clara), The Stravinsy Festival, Circus Polka starring Jerome Robbins,
Harliquinade and The Garland Waltz with the New York City Ballet, Lincoln Center
Kate and Allie (Clumsy Ballerina), CBS
Love Sidney, with Tony Randall and Susanne Farrell, NBC
Saturday Night Live, with James Coburn, Chevy Chase, Jeff Bridges,
Billy Crystal, Beau Bridges, Martin Short, Jim Belushi and Michael Douglas, NBC.
The Joe Franklin Show (live interview)
ABC Weekend Special Jeeter Mason and the Magic Headset, Director Claude Kerven
After School Special, The Incredible Ida Early, with Ed Begley, Jr. and Jackee Harry, Director Robert Iscove
Professional pop group Vid Kids, International Tour, performed on German MTV show with Yoko Ono and Joe Cocker
Carnegie Hall, Bavarian Festival
Cami Hall, Herchscher Oval
Lido Spa Hotel (Miami Beach, Florida)
Harbor Island South (Miami Beach, Florida)
Dutchesss County Fair
Ulster County Fair
Bell Telephone Company
Ceder Park Show Wagon
Earnshaw, Kid Magazine, Nesles Quik, Bell Telephone, Mead Johnson, Cooking Magazine, Time Life
NY Times, NY Post, NY News, NY News World, Playbill, Kingston Daily Freeman, Woodstock Times,
Ulster County Townsman, Poughkeepsie Journal, Miami Beach Sun, Miami Herald
COMMERCIALS: List upon Request.
VOICE OVERS: List upon Request.
Spokesperson for the Bob Evans restaurant chain
SPECIAL SKILLS: Strong song and dance, swimming, bicycling, skating, tennis.

Lily in her mid-teens with Adam - Ukrainian Dancing


   Lily portrays Harper in Mask and Hammer



Lily in Graduate School

Lily, age 16, 12th Grade

Lily traveling in Europe - Age 18

Lily in Paris with Nina - Age 18

Lily's 31st Birthday with Tommy, Nina and Laura

Nina and Lily about age 28

Nina and Maya about age 18

Nina's Bachlorette Party
With Maya, Lily, Teresa, Amy and Nina

Lily Arrived Late At Night With A Full Head Of Hair

Mom & Lily (about age 6) interviewed by TV/Radio Host Joe Franklin

Dad & Mom at a Party

Wedding Night in Willow!

Happy Lily, Age 8

Happy Lily

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